Our investigators are highly trained and diverse. They come from a variety of Police, Military and Investigative backgrounds and are able to blend into any surrounding to achieve the results required. We use the latest technology and equipment to capture the best evidence as well as using tried and tested methods.

Our surveillance services are used in many different scenarios and we have delivered on our promise for all our clients proving our commitment to the client.

All our operations are conducted lawfully within the laws of Data Protection and Human Rights to ensure any evidence obtained can be used in any court of law.

Person Tracing


We trace people for a variety of reasons such as;

  • Missing Persons
  • Debtor Tracing
  • Beneficiary & Policyholder Tracing
  • Long Lost Family, loved ones and friends

Our investigators are highly skilled and they are able to successfully find missing people in any circumstance. Even if you have only limited information we always achieve answers. Our extensive resources, being nationally and internationally, mean that we are in the best position to finding the person you are searching for and we are not restricted by borders.

Whether it is a debtor, a beneficiary to an estate, a policyholder to a pension or insurance or a lost loved one contact Taylor Investigations for a free consultation to discuss your requirements. Fixed fee pricing is available for all our tracing services.

Matrimonial Investigations


Matrimonial Investigations can be very emotive and they are dealt with the upmost integrity and empathy. We deal with the following matrimonial investigations;

  • Suspicion of Infidelity
  • Arranged Marriage and Pre-Marital Investigations


Unfortunately, the divorce rate is much higher in recent society and it’s a sad fact that some people do resort to infidelity. Our experience shows the hardest time during this process is the period of not knowing the truth.

We are here to offer a solution and find out the truth in your relationship. Getting answers can help to gain some closure on the subject, whether it is through separation and divorce or finding out there has been no infidelity and the relationship can flourish.

Due to our connections and relationships with other resources we are able to put you in contact with counsellors, mediators and solicitors to help support you through the case to ensure a complete package. Contact our trained investigators for a no obligation consultation.

Arranged Marriage & Pre-Marital Investigations

Sometimes certain pressures will cause an individual to make a life changing decision without being in possession of the facts. Pre-Marital & Arranged Marriage investigations are fast becoming a popular service for Taylor Investigations. We offer background searches and surveillance to ensure your soon to be husband or wife has been completely truthful.

We fully understand the many cultural issues surrounding arranged marriages and we work in a discreet, professional and ethical manner. We supply you with the highest quality of evidence to ensure you are able to make a rational decision in regard to an arranged marriage.

Corporate Investigations


‘The most recent report from CIFAS suggests that employee fraud is on the rise. In 2014, internal fraud rose by 18%.’

Any business can be subject to theft and fraud costing the company thousands if not millions a year. Knowing who you are employing and being able to deal with any fraudulent activity that may arise is one of the best preventative methods and we are able to help. Our specialist investigators get the evidence and facts to help your business get back to increasing revenue rather than losing it.

Fraud and Theft Investigations

If you believe an employee is committing theft or fraud from your company we can implement a range of tactics to assist in an investigation, including covert equipment, surveillance and undercover investigators. The evidence gathered can be used to support disciplinary action and court cases. Identifying an offender in your working environment can have a profound effect on your business and staff morale.


Employment Sickness Investigations

The wellbeing of employees is paramount to the running of any business and unfortunately sickness is inevitable. However, when an employee attempts to defraud the company taking sick pay when they are in fact well enough to work it can cost the business financially and have a negative impact on other staff members.

We can offer surveillance and discreet covert investigations to ascertain if the employee is acting fraudulently. Our investigators will work closely with the business to ensure the company is not put in a position making them liable if the outcome is a legitimate sickness case.

Insurance Investigations


Insurance fraud is an ever increasing problem for insurance companies, with an estimated 10 percent of British adults having submitted a fraudulent insurance claim. False insurance claims are costing companies more than £4 million a day.

Our investigators carry out detailed and thorough investigations to obtain the facts and evidence to assist insurance companies. This gives them the ability to refuse paying out or question a claim should it be fraudulent.




Polygraph / Lie Detector Tests


Polygraph tests, also known as lie detector tests are increasingly used to ascertain the truth to any given situation. The tests can be carried out individually or incorporated within our other services.

We have access to the best polygraph examiners to able to carry out the test ethically to ensure a result. We also offer support and guidance once the results are received through our connections of counsellors and legal advisors, should they be required.

Process Serving


Taylor Investigations has specifically trained staff for the serving of legal documents. They are delivered in person to individuals and businesses in a time frame to suit the client and the urgency of the legal case at hand. In most cases the law states a person must be notified in person of any impending legal action which is being taken against them.

We are always up to date with relevant legislation to ensure the process is carried out within all current laws as well as offering a fixed fee for the service. Upon service of the documents, we will provide you with a witness statement, certificate of service, statement of service or affidavit within 24 hours.




Background Checks


Background checks can be carried out to obtain a clear picture of a subject. As mentioned in our other services they can be used for the following circumstances;

Tenant Vetting – We carry out credit references, CCJ and bankruptcy checks to ensure tenants are financially stable for landlords who are renting out their property

Pre Employment Checks – When you receive an all important application from a candidate you want to be sure they are who they portray themselves to be. We can complete extensive pre employment checks including reference history, financial checks to ascertain if they are financially vulnerable, qualifications and right to work in the UK. All these checks manage the risk to your business.

Pre-Marital & Potential Partner Checks – We offer checks on potential romantic interests for our clients to ensure the subject is portraying a true reflection of themselves. These checks are lifestyle checks and can include surveillance.

Our background checks are fixed fee with no hidden costs, Please enquire for a personalised quote

Digital Forensics


Taylor Investigations proudly work alongside Computer Forensics Online for our Digital Forensic requirements. They are able to carry out the following as single requirements or as part of an investigation package with us;

  • Employee Exit Diligence Checks
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Matrimonial Investigations – Analysing computers or phones can lead to tracing hidden assets or infidelity
  • Electronic Discovery
  • Counterfeit Detection
  • Mobile Phone & Tablet analysis
  • Criminal Expert Witness Service

Don’t hesitate to get in contact via our contact us page to discuss your requirements further